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"Ludovic Stuart, 10th Seigneur d'Aubigny was born on 14 October 1619 in March House, Drury Lane, London, England. He was the son of Esmé Stuart, 3rd Duke of Lennox and Katherine Clifton, Baroness Clifton of Leighton Bromswold....He was educated in Port-Royal des Champs. He succeeded to the title of 10th Seigneur d'Aubigny, de Berry [France, 1423] on 23 October 1642. He held the office of Chief Almoner to the Queen Dowager of England. He held the office of a Canon of Nôtre Dame, Paris. He held the office of Abbé of Haute Fontaine....He died on 11 November 1665 at age 46. He was buried in Church of the Chartreux, Paris, France." http://www.thepeerage.com/p530.htm

Pedro  •  Link

Lord Aubigny…Almoner to Catherine.

Sometimes refered to as Lord D’Aubigny and Abbé D’Aubigny, he is sited in the accusations of Bristol against Clarendon ( from Terry’s House of Lords Annotation)…

"did himself write, by the said Mr. Richard Bealing, Letters to several Cardinals, pressing them in the King's Name to induce the Pope to confer a Cardinal's Cap on the said Lord Aubigny; promising, in case it should be obtained, Exemption to the Romain Catholics of England from the Penal Laws in Force against them: By which Address unto the Pope for that Ecclesiastical Dignity for One of His Majesty's Subjects and Domestics, he hath, as far as from One Action can be inferred, traiteroufly acknowledged the Pope's Ecclesiastical Sovereignty, contrary to the known Laws of this Kingdom. "

(Slight spoiler is that Richard Bealing will be mentioned in the Popish Plot)

Pedro  •  Link

More accusations...

"That, in Pursuance of the same traiterous Design, he hath called unto him several Priests and Jesuits, whom he knew to be Superiors of Orders here in England, and desired them to write to their Generals at Rome, to give their Help, for the obtaining from the Pope the Cardinal's Cap for the Lord Aubigny as aforesaid; promising great Favour to Papists here, in case it should be effected for him.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Dukes of Aubigney

"The Scottish Dukes of Aubigny (French: Ducs d'Aubigny) had their origins in Aubigny-sur-Nère, France, from the 15th century, which was an important honour throughout the Auld Alliance and Ancien Régime. Its importance was gradually displaced for the ducal title of Clan Gordon (see Duke of Gordon), during a long and turbulent period between the French Revolution and French Third Republic.

"The titleholder of this land was originally called Seigneur d'Aubigny and was conferred upon the House of Stewart's cadet branch, Stuart of Darnley. Although they were of Scottish Royalty, their arms bore quarterings of France and not of Scotland...."

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