The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from Wenceslaus Hollar’s maps:

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Trinity House
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The Corporation of Trinity House - came into being in 1514 by Royal Charter granted by Henry VIII.
Trinity House has three main functions:
· The care of all lighthouses in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.
· Providing aids to navigation, e.g. lightvessels, lighthouses, buoys, radio navigation services etc.
· Serving as a charitable organisation for mariners; looking after their safety, welfare, training etc.
The Master of the Corporation (now a merely honorary title) is the Duke of Edinburgh. Previous Masters of Trinity House have included the diarist Samuel Pepys and the Duke of Wellington, and Admiral William Penn (father of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania).

Other prominent individuals in Britain, often connected with commercial shipping or the Admiralty, have been associated with Trinity House, including Winston Churchill, who gained his status as an Elder Brother of Trinity House as a result of his position as First Lord of the Admiralty before and during World War I.…

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Trinity House is a bold black presence on the west side of Water Lane, as it doglegs down from Tower Street to Thames Street, near the upper-right corner of this segment of the 18th-century map.…

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The Officers of The Corporation of Trinity House are elected each year on Trinity Day. (L&M anent the entry of Jun: 15, 1663)

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