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The Committee, or the Faithful Irishman; a Comedy produced at the King's Theatre in Drury-Lane [(1663; printed 1665) Howar's best play, which kept the stage long after its interest as a political satire was exhausted].... Its extreme drollery, the excellent acting of John Lacy, the mimic, as Teague, and the unrestrained contempt with which it assailed the puritans, made it successful ; but both Evelyn and Pepys, its contemporaries, have noticed it in their Diaries as a very absurd production....The title of The Committee, refers to those Commissioners of Sequestrations appointed by the Parliament in the Civil Wars, to take charge of the seized estates of the loyalists. All the persons of the drama were peculiarly characteristic of the parties of the period when it was written, but the character of Teague was especially drawn from life; as it is stated in Anecdotes * t of some of the Howard Family, by the Honourable Charles Howard, tenth Duke of Norfolk, London, 1769, page 11. The original is there said to have been an Irish servant, whom Sir Robert Howard sent over to England, with despatches to his friends to procure the liberation of his son, imprisoned by the Parliament. This he effected with uncommon success, fidelity, and quickness; but on returning he staid several days in Dublin to rejoice with his friends, altogether forgetting the father's anxiety" http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/…

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