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TerryF  •  Link

There being no volume like this in the Pepys Library at Magdalene College, rather than what L&M suggest, perhaps Pepys "little History of England" is "The faithful analist, or, The epitome of English history giving a true account of the affairs this nation from the building of the tower of London in the day of William the Conquerour to the throwing down the gates of the said city by the command of the Parliament, which sate before the secluded members were admitted in the year 1660, in which all things remarkable both by sea and land from the year 1069 to this present year of 1660, are truly and exactly represented." by W. G. London : Print. for R. Gilbertson ..., [1660]

Michael Robinson  •  Link

The abridgement of the English history:

The correct title of the volume is as follows:-

The abridgement of the English history: giving a time and an exact account of all the memorable battels fought, all the magnificent structures, all prodigies and comets in the air ... From the coming of William the Conqueror ... unto the restoring of ... Charls the Second, etc. [The dedication signed: W. G.]
London: printed for W. Gilbertson, 1660.
pp. 371: plate. 12º.

With an additional titlepage reading “The faithful analist: or the epitome of the English history”, with imprint as above

Terry F's citation above is from a catalogue citing only the additional title to the same work and not the main title. See the annotated citation in the British Library catalogue for "The faithful analist..." 1660

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

Michael gives the physical description as "pp. 371: plate. 12º"

12º (or 12mo or duodecimo) means a page size of 12.5x19 cm. (5x7 3/8 in.) so this was most likely the "little History" that Sam was reading.

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