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David Quidnunc  •  Link

A Navy man

One of the leading commanders in the Commonwealth navy, he continues on as a captain in the 1660s, holding four commands even though Edward Mountagu, Pepys's patron, told Pepys he didn't like him (11 April 1660).

Mountagu gave Pepys's brother-in-law, Balthasar St. Michel, a post with Stoakes on 6 April 1660.

-- Latham and Matthews edition of the diary, Volumes 1 (1660), 10 (companion), 11 (index)

Pedro  •  Link

Captain Stokes.

Captain of the Amity for its sail, under Holmes, to West Africa in January 1661.

(Man of War…Ollard)

Pedro  •  Link

Captain Stokes.

"21st December 1664...Captain Stokes came into the roads in the Triumph."

(Journal of Edward Montagu edited by Anderson)

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Bill  •  Link

STOAKES, John,—was also captain of a ship of war during the protectorate. Joining in the restoration of Charles the second, he was soon afterwards appointed, by the duke of York, to the command of the Royal James. The following year he was removed into the Assurance, and presently afterwards into the Amity. In 1664 he was removed into the Triumph. This was the last ship he ever commanded.
---Biographia Navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

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