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from L&M Companion
Betty Becke
"Sandwich's mistress....It was at Mrs. Becke's house that Paulina, Sandwich's daughter, died in 1669."

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Mrs. Becke,
Spolier. This this Mrs. Becke is the mother of the rumored mistress of Lord Sandwich, Betty Becke, who has yet to be introduced to the diary and there isn't a place yet in the "people" section for her, yet.
"during the early part of 1663 he {Sandwich} was afflicted with a most severe illness, which cause his friends great anxiety, and brought about his withdrawl from Court, though business kept him near London. For the sake of fresher air, he exchanged his lodgings at Whitehall for a house at Chelsea...the mistress of the house was a Mrs. Becke...." Later Sam will find Sandwich dining with Mr. Creed and Mr. Becke her husband. Mrs. Becke was a wonderful cook and kept her house very well, thus making it a relaxing place fro Sandwich to stay.
Quote from Edward Mountagu 1st Earl of Snadwich by F.R. Harris

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