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Having just concluded the fore-going History, we met with a small Treatise intituled Fair warning, Printed for Henry Marsh in Chancery Lane, 1663, and Licensed by Dr. George Stradling ... finding therein several most remarkable Discoveries, relating to the Policies “whereby the Romanists were to carry on their Design of reestablishing Popery in these Kingdomes ..."
In page 47 this Licensed Author names the Priest whom we herein before mentioned to have triumphed at the Murder of King Charles the first; telling us, that it was one Sarabrass the then Queens Confessor, who being present at the Kings death, tossed up his Cap in the air, and brandished his sword; and being with admiration askt what he did there, answered, that there were twenty more Priests there besides himself, and that the greatest Enemy to their Religion fell that day.
---The History of the Damnable Popish Plot. 1680.

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