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Tredagh built by Phineas Pett II, at Ratcliffe in 1654 Renamed Resolution after the Restoration. Damaged by fire in action in 1666.


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The first Resolution was the Tredagh, launched in 1653, of 66 cannon, renamed Resolution in 1660 and destroyed after grounding by a Dutch fireship in the St James's Day Battle on 4 August 1666
also give the following
The seventh Resolution was the vessel of Captain James Cook in his explorations.
J. J. Colledge, Ships of the Royal Navy, Greenhill Books, 1987.
also from Wikipedia: The Battle of Gabbard 12/14 Jun 1653 , shows a painting of Tregagh in action with the Dutch Flag ship Brederode
along with a snippet on the battle at

Pepys' Diary: Tuesday 25 September 1660
The Tredagh. This is another Irish name for Drogheda (the site of Cromwell’s
infamous alleged ... per Wheatley “‘The Tredagh’, a third-rate of fifty guns, ...

note: facts slim as Wheatly says 50 cannon another says 66?

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Another Resolution.

There was a Resolution (1650) in the Tagus estuary at Lisbon, that had carried General-at-sea Edward Popham to aid Blake.

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