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First Reading

Terry F  •  Link

A comedy first performed 23 February 1663

Six songs from it:
Thy love is chaste they tell thee so
Drink to me boy
Here I pipe here I keep
I am an evening dark as night (Song in Dialogue)
Buff's a fine sport
Phoebus [Who calls the world's great light] (Song with dialogue interspersed)

Sir Robert Stapylton of Carelton in Yorkshire, a poet of much fame, was at the battle of Edgehill with King Charles the First, and had an honorary degree given him at Oxford for his behaviour on that occasion. He wrote the Slighted Maid, a comedy; The Step-Mother, a tragi-comedy; and Hero and Leander, a tragedy; besides several poems and translations.]

in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

from another song : Chorus.
Let the Men ware the Ditches;
Maids, look to your Breetches,
We'l scratch them with Briars and Thistles:
When the Flajolets cry,
We are a-dry;
Pond-water shall wet their Whistles.


Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

I remember only one play, and for once I will call it by its name, "The Slighted Maid," where there is nothing in the first act, but what might have been said or done in the fifth; nor anything in the midst, which might not have been placed as well in the beginning, or the end.
--- A Parallel of Poetry and Painting. John Dryden, 1695

Dryden also wrote:

Your Ben and Fletcher, in their first young flight,
Did no Volpone, nor no Arbaces write;
But hopp'd about, and short excursions made
From bough to bough, as if they were afraid;
And each was guilty of some "Slighted Maid."

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