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OED: a muster-roll.

1663 PEPYS Diary 15 Jan., To examine the proof of our new way of the call-bookes. 1803 Naval Chron. XV. 57 Are copies of the muster or call book sent to the Navy Board?

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✹ Mary on 23 Dec 2005 • Link
new way of the Call Book. Call-books recorded the allocation of men to jobs. In this entry we see Pepys introducing his new system of call-books on a trial basis for the next quarter, initially in the Deptford Yards. The experiment was successful, Pepys' system replaced the older system from the summer of 1663 onwards and he took pride in this particular piece of administrative reorganisation. (per L&M).

✹ celtcahill on 24 Dec 2005 • Link
The call books would also document who was working and who not. Prevent overbilling for wages of nonexistant staff, and prevent payment to those who didn't work, but might send the sister or wife 'round on the odd errand....

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