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L&M Companion:
Daughter of Giles Green; d. 1712.

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John Bland's wife, Sarah Green Bland, shared in the management of his trading business, and was in Virginia at his death in 1680.

Thomas Povey, whom Bland in his will refers to as his 'choicest friend', was associated with them in some of their enterprises (the Tangier victualing among them); and took legal action against the widow and executors in 1691.

Giles Bland, their son, was also employed in Tangier, married Thomas Povey's daughter, Frances Povey. He was executed in 1677 for his part in the Virginian rebellion of 1676; his mother, Sarah Green Bland, shocked the Navy Board by writing in vindication of his innocence 'comparing thereof to that of his sacred Majesty'.

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.