The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from Wenceslaus Hollar’s maps:

Open location in Google Maps: 51.514882, -0.100068


Just north-west of St Paul’s Cathedral, immediately west of what is today Paternoster Square. It can be seen in the top-left corner of this 18th century map.

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Terry F  •  Link

Newgate Market

Look at the upper-left corner of this section of the 1746 map, north of Pater Noster Row and St Paul's, it is bordered on the north by Newgate Street.…

Pedro  •  Link


'At Tobias' Coffee-house, in Pye Corner, is sold the right drink, called Dr. Butler's Ale, it being the same that was sold by Mr. Lansdale in Newgate Market. It is an excellent stomack drink, it helps digestion, expels wind, and dissolves congealed phlegm upon the lungs, and is therefore good against colds, coughs, ptisical and consumptive distempers; and being drunk in the evening, it moderately fortifies nature, causeth good rest, and hugely corroborates the brain and memory.'—1680.

Pedro  •  Link

Newgate Market, (also from the Book of Days)...

“Newgate-market, which Gay has thus signalized:
'Shall the large mutton smoke upon your boards?
Such Newgate's copious market best affords.' Trivia, book ii.

Before the Great Fire, this market was kept in Newgate-street, where there was a market-house formed, and a middle row of sheds, which afterwards were converted into houses, and inhabited by butchers, tripe-sellers, &c. The stalls in the open street grew dangerous, and were accordingly removed into the open space between Newgate-street and Paternoster-row, formerly the orchards already mentioned: and here were the houses of the Prebends of St Paul's, overgrown with ivy: whence ivy-lane takes its name, although amidst the turmoil of the market, with the massive dome of St Paul's on one side, and that of the old College of Physicians on the other…”

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