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Pauline  •  Link

Sarah was Lord Sandwich’s housekeeper
Very little information available, but this from Tomalin:
"In 1660 Pepys still took his membership of the Sandwich household absolutely for granted; for years he had eaten and slept among the Sandwich servants whenever he chose to, and he still indulged in casual sexual familiarities with the housekeeper Sarah."

dirk  •  Link

Sarah (Sandwich's housekeeper) & Sam...

7 November 1662:
"...hearing that Mrs. Sarah is married, I did go up stairs again and joy her and kiss her, she owning of it."

7 September 1662: “…and Sarah above, whither I went up to her and played and talked with her…”

15 June 1660: ” My Lord resolves to have Sarah again.” — with a note from L&M: “A former housekeeper; in trouble in 1657 for misbehaviour…” — presumably the same Sarah.

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.