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Wim van der Meij  •  Link

Warrington has this on Skelton: "Afterwards agent in Holland for James II, who made use of him to inveigle over to England the Duke of Monmouth."

Michael Robinson  •  Link

Warrington appears to have confused the person mentioned in the diary, a Fellow of Peterhouse per L&M, with the following:

Skelton, Bevil (c.1641–1696), diplomat and soldier, was the eldest son of the Yorkshire soldier Sir John Skelton (d. 1673), lieutenant-governor of Plymouth from 1660, and his wife, Bridget (d. 1681), daughter of Sir Peter Prideaux. ...

for additional details see ODNB entry

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Sir John Skelton was a page to Charles II in exile before the Restoration.

Sir John's son, William, was taken by Capt. Louis de la Roche in February 1668, along with a couple of hundred soldiers, and nearly shipped off to France, except for the intervention of Admiral Allin.

Possibly there were two Bevil Skeltons? In another place his wife as of 1670 is named as Simona Carew, Maid-of-Honor to Queen Catherine from 1663-1670, and a Lady-of-the-Privy Chamber from 1673.
Or perhaps he had more than one wife?
Finding out about his career in Plymouth seems to entail downloading a book ...


'Charles II: February 1668', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green (London, 1893), pp. 204-261. British History Online


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