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In 1641 he (Killegrew) published two tragi-comedies, The Prisoners and Claracilla, both of which had probably been produced before 1636. (...) In 1664 his plays were published as "Comedies and Tragedies", written by Thomas Killigrew. They are Claracilla; The Princess, or Love at First Sight; The Parson’s Wedding; The Pilgrim; Cicilia and Clorinda, or Love in Arms; Thomaso, or the Wanderer; and Bellamira, her Dream, or Love of Shadows.

From EncyB 1911. This was also referenced from 1662/3 Jan 5

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"Claricilla is a Caroline era stage play, a tragicomedy written by Thomas Killigrew.[1] The drama was acted c. 1636 by Queen Henrietta's Men at the Cockpit Theatre, and first published in 1641. The play was an early success that helped to confirm Killigrew's choice of artistic career.

"Claricilla was entered into the Stationers' Register on August 4, 1640, and published the next year in a duodecimo volume that also contained Killigrew's first play, The Prisoners. The volume was printed by Thomas Cotes for the bookseller Andrew Crooke. The book included commendatory verses by William Cartwright and by Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington.

"The play was later included in Comedies and Tragedies, the collected edition of Killigrew's plays issued by Henry Herringman in 1664; in this collection it is dedicated to Killigrew's sister, Lady Shannon. This edition states that the play was written in Rome, during Killigrew's Continental travels in 1635–36." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clar…

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