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Terry F  •  Link

"Love and Honour, tragicomedy, also previously performed as The Courage of Love; and The Nonpareilles, or The Matchless Maids (licensed Nov. 20, 1634: printed 1649)." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will…

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

A tragi-comedy by Sir William Davenant. It was originally acted at the Blackfriars, and printed in 1649. "This play was richly cloath'd; the King gave Mr. Betterton his Coronation suit, in which he acted the part of Prince Alvaro; the Duke of York giving Mr. Harris his, who did Prince Prospero; and my Lord of Oxford gave Mr. Joseph Price his, who did Lionel, the Duke of Parma's son. The Duke was acted by Mr. Lilliston; Evandra by Mrs. Davenport, and all the other parts being very well done. The play having a great run produc'd the Company great gain and estimation from the Town." — Downes, Koscius Anglicanus, 1708, pp. 21, 22.
---Wheatley, 1899.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Love and Honour was originally called the Courage of Love. It was afterwards named by Sir Henry Herbert, at Davenant's request, The Nonpareilles, or the Matchless Maids. Google books.

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