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This yacht also appears as "Jamie", "Jenny" and "Jamaie" in sources.

The list of Navy vessels for December 1695 (House of Commons Journal) contains the Jemmy (still) in use

having a crew of 4 and with 4 guns of some sort.
In a list at http://www2.friend.ly.net/~dadada…

Charles himself gets credit as a designer of the Jemmy.

The name could be short for "James", but as most of the kings other yachts were named after women (Catharine and Fubbs being a famous examples).
Annotator Dirk has put forward Jane Roberts, one of the kings's mistresses.

in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

Aug 13 '62; 'J' appears to be built at Lambeth [our virtuosoes (my Lord Brunkard and others, with the help of Commissioner Pett also)] across the river from the Palace, so that Charles can give instructions of the where to put the Masts. Sails [sept 5 '62] against the Dutch built Bezan [Mary]and loses[see refs below]

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