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Will Bowyer was among the friends and colleagues that Sam hangs out with at this time. Claire Tomalin, in "Samuel Pepys: the Unequaled Self," lists out the names of these young men who appear in the early pages of the diary. [p67] "Will Bowyer was only a doorkeeper, but his father Robert was an usher at the Exchequer, and he prided himself on keeping a paternal eye on the clerks and often invited them home to his houseful of daughters in Westminster, and sometimes to his country place in Buckinghamshire. He and his wife made friends with Elizabeth, and Sam sometimes called him "father Bowyer."

[p196]"Elizabeth stayed at home with Jane in Axe Yard when Pepys rode off intending to see Montagu at Hinchingbrooke; but as soon as he knew he would be going to sea for an indeterminate period, he made arrangements for her to leave London. There was no question in his mind of her being with either her parents or his in town, he took the trouble to ride out again, this time to Buckinghamshire, on a borrowed horse, through the darkness and with a severe cold in the head, to settle proper lodgings for her with trusted friends, the Bowyers, where she could take Jane and her dog."

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Huntsmore location: There is a park of that name in Iver Bucks.There is also a prosperous Robert Bowyer, about the middle of the last century(could mean 17c have to check the church records), founded a free-school at Iver, and endowed it with a sum of money, which produces an income of about 21 l. per annum

Hunts more park near Iver 2.2 miles south of Uxbridge The main route was either to Windsor(5miles approx)via maidenhead or via Uxbridge 2.2 miles
bottom right hand corner:Huntsmore park

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from L&M Companion
A Westminster family; friends of Pepys and his wife in their early married life. Elizabeth stayed with them in their country house (acquired in 1629) at Huntsmore, nr Iver, Bucks, when Pepys was away on the Dutch voyage. The head of the family, Robert (1594-1664), younger son of Sir Henry, of Denham, Bucks., was 'father Bowyer' to Pepys in that he was the senior officer under whom Pepys and his brother clerks worked in the Exchequer. He held the post of Usher of the Receipt from 1654 until his accidental death by drowning. He also held a reversion to a post in Star Chamber which fell vacant on the very day the court was abolished. In Nov. 1663 he was appointed a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber in extraordinary at the nomination of the Earl of Manchester. His wife Mary (b. Buggins) died in 1667. They had 13 children, five daughters and three sons being alive at her death. The eldest son William (1624-94) was a doorkeeper in the Exchequer from c. 1655. He died a bachelor. The family country house was sold in 1696 and pulled down c. 1850.

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I question the assertion that Robert Bowyer of Huntsmore was a "younger son of Henry"

Rather it's also been repoted that he was a son of Sir William Bowyer, Knt of Denham Court, and Teller of the Court of Exchequer who died Aug 1616

This William Bowyer married Mary Pierson daughter of Thomas Pierson of Westminster.

According to this reconstruction, Robert was the brother of Henry, not his son.

This reconstruction is presented here

Comments appreciated.

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posted by Will Johnson on Thu 19 Jul 2007, 08:56pm


That his wife was *Mary* Buggins is shown to be erroneous by the extract of Marriages from St James, Clerkenwell

On 25 Aug 1623 Robert Bowyer to ELIZABETH Buggins
Extracted to the IGI Batch M001411
from the parish register

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