21 Aug 2007, 9:27 p.m. - Michael Robinson

Per L&M Companion:- Wholesaler at the Three Crowns, Cheapside; in Aug. 1662 he married Elizabeth, daughter of John Bligh, citizen and salter, later an Irish M.P. Her mother was Catherine, sister of Pepys' friend Dean Fuller.

6 Jul 2017, 3:23 a.m. - San Diego Sarah

"Thence I walked to Cheapside, there to see the effect of a fire there this morning, since four o’clock; which I find in the house of Mr. Bois, that married Dr. Fuller’s niece, who are both out of towne, leaving only a mayde and man in towne. It begun in their house, and hath burned much and many houses backward, though none forward; and that in the great uniform pile of buildings in the middle of Cheapside." http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1664/08/20/


Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.