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According to Pepys' own listing of Navy ships as of 1651, the Reserve was a 4th-Rate ship carrying 34 guns and 150 men (presumably including a contingent of Marines.)

Pedro  •  Link

The Reserve.

27th January 1668 is in Lisbon ready for a homeward journey.

(Ollard, Biography of Montagu)

Pedro  •  Link

The Reserve.

From the first site quoted in the background on Sir Robert Holmes...he operated in the Reserve in the westerm Med in 1663, testing Huygens' pendulum clock at sea as a means of establishing longitude.

Pedro  •  Link

Lady Fanshawe's memoirs...

On the 23rd of August 1663, we, accompanied by many persons of all sorts, went on board the King of England's frigate, called the Reserve, commanded by Captain Holmes, where, as soon as I was on board, the Conde de Castel Melhor sent me a very great and noble present, a part of which was the finest case of waters that ever I saw, being made of Brazil wood, garnished with silver, the bottles of crystal, garnished with the same, and filled with rich amber-water.

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