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Sam’s nephew Samuel Jackson would get the yeoman of the Foresight’s powder room to teach him navigation.

(Gentlemen and Tarpaulins...J.D.Davies)

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In April 1665 down as 4th Rate with 170 men and 46 guns, and the Captain Packington Brooks (Tangier).

During 1661-1662 she was captained by Francis Allen, Cadiz in Dec 61, and May 62 bound for Lisbon with horse for Portugal.

(info from Journal of Edward Montagu...Anderson)

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HMS Foresight was a 40-gun Fourth rate frigate of the English Royal Navy, originally built for the navy of the Commonwealth of England at Deptford, and launched in 1650. By 1677 her armament had been increased to 48 guns. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_…

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