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The Company of Royal Adventurers Trading to Africa

In 1662 Parliament granted a charter to a newly formed company - The Company of Royal Adventurers Trading to Africa - which allowed and encouraged them to involve themselves in the slave trade. To the great dissatisfaction of merchants from other cities, however, the charter provided exclusive rights to the Company, which effectively meant the merchants of London.


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Mercantilism -- Thomas Mun (1571-1641)

Classic mercantilist text and the first statement of the importance of the balance of trade:-

Englands Treasure by Forraign Trade. or The Ballance of our Forraign Trade is The Rule of our TreasureWritten by Thomas Mun of Lond. Merchant, and now published for the Common good by his son John Mun of Bearsted in the County of Kent, Esquire.
London: Printed by J.[ohn] G.[rismond] for Thomas Clark, and are to be sold at his Shop at the South entrance of the Royal Exchange, 1664
[8], 220, [4] p. ; 8⁰.
Imprimatur on leaf A1v: White-Hall, March 24, 1661. Let this discourse of trade be printed. Henry Bennet.
Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), M3073

There is a copy of this edition in the Pepysian Library.

For the full text see:-


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This is an article about the great Port of London and mentions many places visited by Pepys. It also has pictures of places Pepys knew ... but it is about the Port the beginnings of which he saw as an old man. It must have been an amazing sight seeing all those East Indiamen moored in the river Thames, which has been almost empty for most of my life.


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