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Sjoerd  •  Link

French Huegenot, then English divine and dean of Lincoln
(1616 - 1695)
Married Ann, the youngest sister of Sir George De Carteret.


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Bill  •  Link

BREVINT or BREVIN, DANIEL (1616-1695),divine; educated at protestant university at Saumur; M.A., 1624; fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, 1637; incorporated M.A. Oxford, 1638; deprived of fellowship by parliamentary commissioners; retired to Jersey, his birthplace, and thence to France; chaplain to Turenne; returned to England, 1660; received stall in Durham Cathedral, 1660; D.D. Oxford, 1663; dean and prebendary of Lincoln, 1682 ; published protestant polemics, and devotional works, including 'The Christian Sacrament and Sacrifice,' 1673.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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