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the Swallow [post restoration name] was orignally named Gainsborough built by Taylor Pitchouse 1653 wrecked 1692;
wrecked off Kinsdale in 1692 ; 2 ships Gainsborough and Swallow [ coincidence, strange or ?]; in 1692, the Gainsborough, sank, a man of war, 4th rate 543 tons with 50 mounted guns, sank in the harbour and then Swallow a fourth rate with 40 guns 550 tons sank near Charles Fort.
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[reported by 2 differing sources in list ];

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From Boyle:The Swallow: mentioned in XXXVI:73, she was a ship built in 1653 at Plymouth, originally called The Gainsborough (presumably after Cromwell's victory of 1643) and renamed in 1660. She was wrecked in 1692 of the coast of Ireland. J. J. Colledge, Ships of the Royal Navy (2 vols., 2nd edition, London 1987), I, p. 295.
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The Sallow.

Arrived 4th June 1664 in Jamaica, along with the Marmaduke and the Westergate, all three ships carrying a large number of settlers.

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One Swallow.

A ship named the Swallow sank in its moorings at Paimboeuf in the later half of 1653, being 19 years old, and 2 years in the tropics without docking. It had sailed to the West Indies and back with Prince Rupert and Robert Holmes, and survived a hurricane.

(Summary from Man of War…Ollard)

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The Swallow.

Arrives at Spithead on the 13th September 1664 from Tangier, Lady Teviot in her.

(The Journal of Edward Montagu by Anderson)

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The Swallow

Travels for use of the Africa Company...

April 1662, the "Swallow" which, together with its cargo, cost the Royal Adventurers £1,l01.2s.ld.

The Journal of Negro History, Volume 4, 1919
by Various Authors

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HMS Swallow
Gainsborough was a 40-gun fourth-rate frigate of the English Navy, originally built under the 1652 programme for the navy of the Commonwealth of England by Thomas Taylor at Pitch House (Wapping), and launched in 1653. She was named for the Parliamentarian victory at the Battle of Gainsborough in 1643.

After the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660, she was renamed Swallow. By 1666 her armament had been increased to 48 guns. Swallow was wrecked at Kinsale on 9 February 1692.

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