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vicenzo  •  Link

Was used by Mountegue, at Lisbon at the time of Picking up Charles's Fiancee.
The 'Gift' (also 'Gift Minor') was a 16 gun ship of the Royal Navy, of 128 tons by measurement. She was the former Spanish 'Bon Jesus' captured in 1658, and eventually sold in 1667.

paid off the Guift, where late at
monday mar 10 ‘61, yet recordrd to be in Lisbon ‘62.

Pedro  •  Link

The Gift.

Stewart says, and repeated in the background above by the Vincente, that the Gift is a ship of I6 guns and 128 tons. Also that there is a "Gift Minor", but no source information is given.

I can only find warships called the Great Gift and Little Gift both listed in the fleet for 1665. There are several merchantmen and warships that share the same name. Perhaps this could be a merchantman?

From the Journal of Edward Montagu (Anderson) there are several mentions of the Gift, but on Sandwich's written listings he refers to this ship as the Great Gift. In his List for 1665 it is a 5th Rate with 100 men and 34 guns.

The Little Gift is listed as 6th Rate 85 men and 16 guns.

The Great Gift had sailed out with Sandwich in 1661 on the mission to secure Tangier, deal with the Barbary pirates and to bring over the Queen. Sandwich did not arrive back until May, and Sam's next mention of the Gift is on the 10th March I662 when he pays off the Gift, and presumably this means paying off the men from a warship.

(Of course it could have arrived back earlier)

Third Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

I think we can assume it was the Little Gift that took Sandwich's deals to Kings Lynn in February 1660/61.

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