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Reference to the Griffin in the Diary

"So back again to Westminster, and from thence by water to the Treasury Office, where I found Sir W. Pen paying off the Sophia and Griffen." http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1…

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The Griffin.

This frigate appears to go to the Indies in 1662...

"Lord Windsor sailed for Jamaica in the Centurian...he sent the Griffin frigate ahead to San Juan and Santo Domingo with letters to the Spanish Governors asking if they would submit to English trade."

Pope... Biography of Sir Henry Morgan.

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ref: via Windsor in diary:"...My Lord Windsor came to us to discourse of his affairs, and to take his leave of us; he being to go Governor of Jamaica with this fleet that is now going..."

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The strange tale of the Griffin.

Summary from Pope’s biography of Morgan…

After sailing for Jamaica with Lord Windsor, who was in the Centurion, and reaching Barbados, it was sent by Lord Windsor to San Juan and Santo Domingo with letters to the Spanish Governors.

From Jamaica it sailed out in September 1661 and took part in the raid on Santiago de Cuba.

In January of 1663 it probably took part in the raid on Campeche.

On the 4th June 1664 the new Governor, Sir Thomas Modyford, had arrived in Jamaica. A month later he sent his eldest son, Jack, back to England on the Griffin to fetch his wife. He was not to hear any further news for three years. A Major Smith, who had been captured by the Spanish, brought news that he had heard the Griffin had been sunk by a Spanish galleon.

Later from a deposition of a Spanish captain, Francisco Martin, his son Jack was either murdered or sent to the South Seas. It was said that two English ships had been wrecked on the Florida coast in August 1664; only five men survived and were captured by the Spanish after living with Indians. One of them had told Martin that he was the son of the Governor of Jamaica.

Later in 1668 the Privy Council was to hear from a privateersmen describing how they were chased by a Spanish men-of-war, one of them being the Griffin flying the Spanish flag. They knew her well and recognised her without difficulty.

Pedro  •  Link

The Griffin.

The Griffin had sailed along with the Sophia, the Amity and the Kinsale as part of the squadron led by Captain Holmes in the Henrietta bound for the West Africa. It sailed on the 25th January 1661, after having to Portsmouth on the 29th December for repairs.

(Man of War…Ollard)

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