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Bullus Hutton  •  Link

Mmmmmm.. sausages
There has never been anything in the world like the British banger.
They certainly pulled our navy through WW2, can anyone ever forget Stanley Baker in the Cruel Sea sitting down to sausages in the wardroom "Good-oh, Snorkers again!" whatever the name they went by throughout the generations, I never met one I didn't like.
As a kid in North Yorkshire I remember flushing hot water through those miles of intestines so we could use them for casings to stuff the splendid chomped-up meat into. As I grew up,I learned to trust those English companies (like Walls Sausages) to deliver a fine product, and even now am happy to spend extra bucks to recapture that chubby rush.
Great to know Sam was enjoying them back then .. why not,they were perhaps not very sanitary, but I'm sure they were delicious.
I bet the best ones came from up north!

vicente  •  Link

Sasage; a great device to get rid of left overs from the butchers block. waste not want knot.

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