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Merriam Webster online defines "ling" as "any of various fishes (as a hake or burbot) of the cod family." Also, "Lingcod."

vicente  •  Link

Ling can bite viciously [only when alive ] found off the Essex coast.They doth like Wrecks?
Many versions of ling from 2lb up the 113 lb ones: found by not fishing but goog ling
Widely distributed around the UK shores, but less frequently taken in the upper English Channel waters and North Sea. It was thought that ling were not resident in the southern North Sea at one stage, but recent exploratory trips to wrecks off Essex have produced ling in excess of 20lbs.


also KNOWN by Name lingcod [ling cod]
Ling sounds (swimbladder) are highly sought after. it appears not all fish have a sound reflector?

Mackerel do not possess a swimbladder [an air ... result, mackerel are poor reflectors of sound, and have ... different acoustic properties to other fish] NEED A BETTER DEFINITION.

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Bill  •  Link

Ling and chips?

LING, a sort of Salt-Fish.
---An Universal Etymological English Dictionary. N. Bailey, 1675.

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