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St Gregory By St Paul's, Also St Gregory by Paul's
Situated St Paul's EC4
First mentioned in 1010 and stood at south-west corner of the cathedral. Repaired and beautified in 1631-2. Partly demolished by Inigo Jones in 1641 to make way for new portico but restored by him by order of the House of Lords. Destroyed in the Great Fire and not rebuilt.
Parish united with St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street in 1670, St Martin Ludgate in 1890 and St Sepulchre Holborn in 1954."
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Gregory's (St.) Church, Castle Baynard Ward, a parish church actually attached to the south wall at the west end of old St. Paul's Cathedral. Some of the monuments in the church were very costly and reputed handsome. The church was destroyed in the Great Fire, and not rebuilt. The church of the parish is St. Mary Magdalen's, Knightrider Street . Dr. John Hewett, minister of this church, was executed for treason on Tower Hill, June 8, 1658. His "greatest crime," says Clarendon, "was collecting and sending money to the king;" but when arraigned before the High Court of Justice he refused to plead and was condemned as contumacious.
---London, Past and Present. H.B. Wheatley, 1891.

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