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Pauline  •  Link

Jonas was flag-captain to Penn (his brother-in-law) on the Jamaica voyage 1654-5; held six commands 1660-4 and died in 1666.

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Pedro  •  Link

More on Jonas Poole...

He was with Sandwich in the Sound in 1659 as captain of the Leopard.

Also with him in Tagier in 1662 where he was sent by Sandwich to convoy two merchantmen, the John and the Margaret, to Smyrna. He was also asked that if he touched Zante to procure some plants of currants to deliver to Lord Peterborough.

In the Fleet List of April 1665 he was Captain of the Vanguard, a 2nd rate, 320 men and 56 guns.

(Info from the Journals of Sandwich edited by Anderson)

There is no further mention after the List.

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Bill  •  Link

POOLE, Jonas,—was appointed to the Leopard in the year 1660, and the Ann in 1661, both by commission from the duke of York. In 1662 he was made captain of the Newcastle of fifty guns, by the earl of Sandwich, he being then under his command at Lisbon. In 1664 he was appointed, by the duke of York, first, to command the Dover, and, secondly, the London. The warrant authorising him to impress three hundred men, for the purpose of manning this ship, is published in the duke of York's Memoirs. In the following year he commanded the Vanguard, and, in all probability, died, or retired, soon afterwards, as, in the year 1666, we find that ship commanded by another gentleman.
---Biographia Navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Jonas Poole had commanded the Swiftsure (44-6 guns; built Deptford, 1621; rebuilt 1653) in which Penn had sailed in 1654 to the conquest of Jamaica
(L&M 6/13/1661 and Index).

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