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Michael Robinson  •  Link

kt 1673 (1620 - 98) Son of the Lionel Walden who as Huntington's first mayor (1630-1) had been involved in the dispute with Oliver Cromwell which had lead to Cromwell's leaving the town. Royalist soldier; M.P for the borough, 1661-Jan 1679; a strong supporter of James II's policies, often accused of being a 'church-papist;' Mayor 1686-7. Pepys refers to his slighting words about Sandwich. But in his first recorded speech in parliament he defended him against criticisms of his conduct at Bergen.

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Bill  •  Link

Lionel Walden, elected M.P. for the borough of Huntingdon, April 12th, 1661.
---Wheatley, 1899.

Bill  •  Link

Sir Lionel Walden, 8000l. in the king's debt, a Blackheath captain, and a Papist, at present has a company of foot, and a 1000l. given him.
---A Seasonable Argument ... for a New Parliament. Andrew Marvell, [1677] 1776.

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