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Cambridge University.

Newton had enrolled at Trinity College Cambridge on the 5th June 1661 and White in his book Isaac Newton, The Last Sorcerer, says of Cambridge...

As at other great seats of learning throughout Europe, the curriculum at Cambridge was based almost exclusively upon the teachings of the Greek masters, especially the ideas of Aristotle...

The academic pattern at Cambridge had been set by the Elizabethan Statutes of 1571, which not only dictated the manner of dress and conduct of the students and academic staff but also determined the structure of degree courses...There was only really one course. The first year covered rhetoric, the art of eloquent oral and written communication, encompassing classical history, geography, art, scripture and literature. Also, by the end of their first year students were expected to be fluent in Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

(Eloquent oral and written communication is something that Sam seems to pick up on in others!)

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