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vincent  •  Link

originaly named the Dunbar after "that" Battle
Dunbar built by Callis, Deptford 1656 Renamed Henry after the Restoration. Burnt by accident in 1682.

Pedro  •  Link

The Henry.

In the fleet list of April 1665 as 2nd rate with 70 guns and 430 men, and under Sir G Ayscue the Vice-Admiral of Sandwich's blue squadron.

This ship was in the fleet that took Lord Peterborough to take the handover of Tangier in 1661, and then joined the fleet under Sandwich to bring over the new Queene. At Lisbon it was commanded by Sir John Mennes who was Vice-Admiral. He fires a 61, and later 41 gun salute to the Queene.

Was present in the fleet in June 65, sent for a refit at the Bouy of the Nore, and was back by July.

Capt.Petrus.S. Dorpmans  •  Link

9th. Nov.1664

"...Thence the Commissioner and I on board Sir G. Ascue, in the Henery, who lacks men mightily, which makes me think..."

Sir William Penn, writing to Coventry, November 16th, 1664, says that one hundred and six men were put on board the "Henry."

Michael Robinson  •  Link

Willem van de Velde, the Elder
"Portrait of the Henry, Second Rate 82 Guns Built 1656 as the Dunbar Renamed 1660 Burnt 1682,"
executed c. 1661, Graphite and grey wash

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