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From J.Evelyn by de Beer, page [x:ref neill neale]p369: 8 may '56 "I went to visite Dr Wilkins at Whitehall, where I first met with Sir P: Neale famous for his optic-glasses:-Greatorix the Mathermatical Instrument maker, shew his excellent Invention to quench fire , & returnd home."
Then more on FRS 3 may '61 about the greate 35 foot Telescope of his majesty seeing Jupiter and Satelites. .
a spelling version Neale:from entry by Emilio http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1…
:A speculation from L&M: "Neile (son of Richard Neile, late Archbishop of York) was a land-hungry courtier; he may have been negotiating for Robert Pepys's lands in Brampton, the manor of which was held by the Queen Mother in reversion. If so, nothing appears to have come of it."
This is also, as far as I can tell, the last mention L&M make of the Queen Mother's interest in Brampton, so nothing seems to have come of that either.
possible conn:
Neile, Sir Paul ? May 1613 - ? January 1686 ‘FRS’
Founder Fellow 28/11/1660
Erection of a 35ft telescope with Sir Paul Neile


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from L&M Companion
kt 1633 (1613-86). Son of Richard Neile, Archbishop of York; an original F.R.S.; Gentleman-Usher of the Privy Chamber 1662--84, M.P. for Ripon Apr.-May 1640 and Newark 1673-Jan. 79. He owned a notable collection of telescopes, and is said to have been the original of Sidrophel the astrologer in Butler's "Hudibras".

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one of the investers in Hudson’s Bay Company


Other investors included Hayes’ brother-in-law and MP Sir Edward Hungerford; Sir John Robinson, Lieutenant of the Tower of London; Sir John Griffith, a professional soldier and city magnate; Sir Paul Neile, a member of the Royal Society; William Prettyman, a adventurer to India; Sir John Kirke, the son of a merchant who had captured Quebec in 1828, and the only investor with firsthand knowledge of the North American fur trade

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Sir Paul Neile, of White Waltham, Berks, son of Richard Neile, Archbishop of York (1632-40). A member of the first council of the Royal Society, and a constant attendant at the meetings. He was frequently the bearer of messages from Charles II. We learn from Birch's "History of the Royal Society," that on July 17th, 1661, "Sir Paul Neile having mentioned that the king had within four days past desired to have a reason assigned why the sensitive plants stir and contract themselves upon being touched, it was resolved that Dr. Wilkins, Dr. Clarke, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Evelyn, and Dr. Goddard be curators for examining the fact relating to these plants."
---Wheatley, 1896.

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