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Holden, [Joseph] (d. 1680). Citizen and haberdasher, of Bride Lane (a street noted for its haberdashers); lived in a large establishment taxed on nine hearths. He had married as his second wife Priscilla Watt....0ne of his sons (Joseph became a haberdasher; another (Samuel) Governor of the Bank of England.

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Monday 28 January 1660/61
Thence to see the Doctor at his lodging at Mr. Holden’s, where I bought a hat, cost me 35s.

Tuesday 21 May 1661
and did buy a new hat, cost between 20 and 30 shillings, at Mr. Holden’s.

Thursday 27 June 1661
This day Mr. Holden sent me a bever, which cost me 4l. 5s.

Wednesday 12 August 1663
Though by and by he coming to Mr. Holden’s (where I was buying a hat) he took no notice to me of anything.

Monday 7 September 1663
... called at my brother’s and Mr. Holden’s about several businesses, ...

Friday 11 December 1663
So to Mr. Holden’s and evened all reckonings there for hats, and then walked to Paul’s Churchyard ...

Sunday 2 December 1666
I to Mr. Martin’s, where find the company almost all come to the christening of Mrs. Martin’s child, a girl. ... After sitting long, till the church was done, the Parson comes, and then we to christen the child. I was Godfather, and Mrs. Holder (her husband, a good man, I know well), ...

Sam was a good customer. And Mrs. Holden was a good friend to brother Tom. As my father said to me once, "Never give your money to a salesman you don't like."

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