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from L&M Companion Holden, [Joseph] (d. 1680). Citizen and haberdasher, of Bride Lane (a street noted for its haberdashers); lived in a large establishment taxed on nine hearths. He had married as his second wife Priscilla Watt....0ne of his sons (Joseph became a haberdasher; another (Samuel) Governor of the Bank of England.

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Monday 28 January 1660/61 Thence to see the Doctor at his lodging at Mr. Holden’s, where I bought a hat, cost me 35s. &&& Tuesday 21 May 1661 and did buy a new hat, cost between 20 and 30 shillings, at Mr. Holden’s. &&& Thursday 27 June 1661 This day Mr. Holden sent me a bever, which cost me 4l. 5s. &&& Wednesday 12 August 1663 Though by and by he coming to Mr. Holden’s (where I was buying a hat) he took no notice to me of anything. &&& Monday 7 September 1663 ... called at my brother’s and Mr. Holden’s about several businesses, ... &&& Friday 11 December 1663 So to Mr. Holden’s and evened all reckonings there for hats, and then walked to Paul’s Churchyard ... &&& Sunday 2 December 1666 I to Mr. Martin’s, where find the company almost all come to the christening of Mrs. Martin’s child, a girl. ... After sitting long, till the church was done, the Parson comes, and then we to christen the child. I was Godfather, and Mrs. Holder (her husband, a good man, I know well), ... Sam was a good customer. And Mrs. Holden was a good friend to brother Tom. As my father said to me once, "Never give your money to a salesman you don't like."


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