The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from Wenceslaus Hollar’s maps:

Open location in Google Maps: 51.513215, -0.160313

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Cumgranissalis  •  Link

location of Tyburn : [ Tiburne ]. It was situated at very popular Sunday morning hot spot, located for those that want to be entertained by voluminous Discussions, better known as Speakers corner. Junction of Edgware Road ,Oxford Street and Bayswater Road. The names were changed later.
more at…

Tiburn Road and Maryland Road and Oxford Street.…

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Glyn's link shows Tyburn gallows'location most clearly…
"The link above shows the location of Tyburn gallows, which was the main execution site in London and was at the end of Oxford Street roughly where Marble Arch is now.
"If you look at the little drawing you will see that the Gallows was triangular, enabling up to thirty felons to be hanged simultaneously"

Glyn on Thu 30 Oct 2003, 5:54 pm…
Cf. Government and Law > Law > Executions

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Bill  •  Link

Tyburn, Tyburn Gallows, or Tyburn Tree (or Deadly Never Green), a celebrated gallows or public place of execution for criminals convicted in the county of Middlesex. It existed as early as the reign of Henry IV., and derives its name from Tyburn Brook. It stood, there is reason to believe, on the site of Connaught Place, and near its south-west corner, though No. 49 Connaught Square is said to be the spot.
---London, Past and Present. H.B. Wheatley, 1891.

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