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Sir Thomas Bond

The Thomas Bond who would later give his name to Bond Street in London (technically Old Bond Street and New Bond Street). This is because Bond developed this area after he (together with a couple of other financiers) bought the former Duke of Clarendon's gardens from the Duke of Albermarle (the new owner) for £36,000 in 1686.

Sir Thomas was a wily property speculator, a close friend of King Charles II, and for some time comptroller for Henrietta Maria, the Queen Mother. Quite fittingly the family motto was “Non sufficit orbis” - Not even the world is enough…

The Bond family trace their ancestry back to the Norman invasion, and before that to Norway. For more info on the Bonds, see:

Paul Chapin  •  Link

"Non sufficit orbis"
And an alternative translation is "The World Is Not Enough", which interestingly enough is the title of one of the recent cinematic adventures of Sir Thomas Bond's latter-day descendant James, 007.
Thanks, Dirk, for that fascinating tidbit.

Jessica R. Bond  •  Link

My grandfather's name was James Lewis Bond he was born in 1914. Little fact I posses the Non sufficit orbis motto with a shield and a lion and the surname in bold gothic font, "Bond". Does this make me any related to Thomas Bond from the Bertie NC? Plus he my grandfather was born in NC Bertie county.

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Bill  •  Link

Sir Thomas Bond was a Roman Catholic; Comptroller of the Household to the Queen Dowager; created a baronet in 1658 by Charles II., to whom whilst in exile he had advanced large sums. He died in 1685, and lies buried at Camberwell, in which parish he had purchased an estate at Peckham, and built a house alienated by his son, Sir Henry, to Chief Justice Trevor.
---Wheatley, 1896.

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