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Simon Beale was one of Oliver Cromwell's trumpeters from the 1640s, and played at his funeral in 1658. He was also a maker of trunpets and trombones, and a trumpet of his from 1667 is still in the Bate Collection at Oxford University.


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Bill  •  Link

23 [Jan. 1656/7] To Simon Beale and eleven other trumpets who attended upon the proclamation of the peace lately made between his highness and the French king 12[l.] 0 0

June 6 [1657] To Simon Beale for himself and eleven other trumpets who proclaimed the peace betwixt his highness and the king of Portugal 12[l.] 0 0

--- A Collection of the State Papers of John Thurloe ... : 1657 to 1658

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Simon Beale in Oxford archives

(fl London, 1643–80). English trumpet maker and court trumpeter. A medallion, dated by Byrne to 1643, shows ‘SIMON BEAL AET SVAE 28A’ holding a trumpet with a distinctive three-lobed ball on the bell pipe, possibly the earliest evidence of this English feature. Beale is known from two references in Pepys’s diary and other contemporary documents. He was said to work in Suffolk Street, London. In 1655 he supplied trumpets for a state occasion. His name appears in court records from the time of his appointment in June 1660 as a King’s Guard until February 1680, when his name appeared in a petition against one Joseph Wheeler, another trumpeter. His activities before 1660 are not clear, but Pepys stated that Beale had been one of Oliver Cromwell’s guards. He is reported to have made the tuba stentorphonica (‘speaking trumpet’), invented in 1670 by Sir Samuel Morland. In September 1675...

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.