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David Quidnunc  •  Link

The single most boring person to appear in the diary.

Mackworth (yawn!) is "possibly" a son of Col. George Mackworth, who would have known Mountagu from Cromwell's Council of State. He also served on the Treasury Commission -- the father that is, not the son.

The son, you say? Oh. Well. We don't actually know anything about him. If he even is the son of (yawn), Colonel ... ah, what was his name?

-- L&M Companion volume

(Was it Thackeray who once said, "Makepeace, not Mackworth"?)

Peter  •  Link

"(Was it Thackeray who once said, “Makepeace, not Mackworth”?)..."

Not sure...it sounds more like John Lennon visited by the spirit of William McGonnagall

Third Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Mackworth is an unusual name, but there was one representing Rutland in Parliament under James II.

Thomas Mackworth (1624-94)'s Parliamentary bio MIGHT give us some background on Pepys' Mackworth????:

"Mackworth’s ancestor, who took his name from a village in Derbyshire and sat for that county in 1408 and 1418, acquired Normanton by marriage early in the 15th century, but the family had never previously sat for Rutland.
[THOMAS] Mackworth, a nephew of the Cavalier general, Sir Ralph Hopton, was a Royalist in the Civil War, although still under age. ... One of his brothers was killed in Booth’s Rising, but he [THOMAS] took no known part in royalist conspiracy, although at the Restoration he signed the loyal address from Rutland.

"Mackworth was returned for his county at the first general election of 1679 ..."

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