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Butler to Lady Wright

Four different people named Evans are mentioned in the diary, each of them once or twice.

This man, whose first name is lost to us, appears in the diary twice, both times in 1660 and in very similar circumstances: Pepys is visiting the Wright household on some business, but the person he wants to speak to is not available.

Evans not only enjoys the lute, but he seems very hospitable ("*had* me into his buttery...") and may enjoy giving lessons. Pepys writes in the 25 January entry that Evans "had me into his buttery and gave me sack and a lesson on his lute, on which he played very well."

Again on 9 November, Pepys visits the Wright home on business and again the person he now wants to speak to (Mountagu this time) is unavailable. So again Evans "did give me a lesson upon the lute."

David Quidnunc  •  Link

Other Evanses in the diary

1) Evans the tailor (first name unknown); once in 1663.

2) Capt. Thomas "Ewens" (L&M spelling); appears once in 1664 and once in 1665.

3) Lewis Evans, whom Pepys thinks is a harpist, appears once in 1668.

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.