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This short bio from the 1911 Brittanica:

Eugene Maurice of Savoy, Count of Soissons (1635-1673), married the beautiful and witty Olympia Mancini, a niece of Cardinal Mazarin, and obtained high military posts through his wife

vincent  •  Link

Interesting family Jules Cardinal Mazarin:
French statesman and cardinal.
Born 1602 in Piscina, Abruzzi, died 1661.
Niece Maria was mistress of the Louis xiv while the Cardinal ruled France in the name of Louis xiv (he was too young to make good decisions). While a distant cousin( Mary of Moderna) went after James (II) While another member had Charles II on a string (Hortense Mancini)
family tree

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Eugene Maurice of Savoy, youngest son of Thomas of Savoy, by Marie de Bourbon, Countess of Soissons, whose title he inherited. He married Olympia Mancini, one of the nieces of Cardinal Mazarin, more than suspected of poisoning practices (like the Brinvilliers). His youngest son was the celebrated General, Prince Eugene of Savoy.
---Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, the diary deciphered by J. Smith. 1854.

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