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David Quidnunc  •  Link

Emanuel DeCritz (the L&M spelling)

He copied one of Lely's two portraits of Mountagu in October and November for Pepys.

After Pepys died, that copy was later sold by his descendants in 1848 and brought to Audley End, where it remains today.

-- Note 1 for 22 October 1660 entry, L&M Volume 1

vincent  •  Link

see entries below and from :Paul Brewster on Tue 1 Jul 2003, 3:09 am |
Mr. De Cretz
per L&M: Emanuel de Critz (Serjeant-Painter to the King) had known the collection of Charles I very well and during the revolution had purchased a number of royal works of art which he returned to the Crown at the Restoration. On the eve of the Restoration a committee of the House of Lords had been formed to rehabilitate as far as possible the great collections formed by Charles I, and on 23 May 1660 John Webb had asked the committee to be allowed to hang in the King

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