First wife of John Maitland, 2nd Earl of Lauderdale, and daughter of Alexander Home, 1st Earl of Home and Mary (Dudley) Sutton. She and Maitland had one daughter. She had died by 1672 when Maitland married his second wife, Elizabeth.

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John Maitland, 1st Duke of Lauderdale was twice married.

At 16 John, Viscount Maitland married Lady Anne Home, daughter of the 1st Earl of Home, in 1632. They had one daughter.

Anne Home Maitland, Countess of Lauderdale left John Maitland, 2nd Earl of Lauderdale and went to live in Paris in 1669 after he began an affair with Elizabeth Murray Tollemache (1626-1698), daughter of William Murray, Earl of Dysart, who had been allowed to retain the title Countess of Dysart in her own right.

John Maitland, 2nd Earl of Lauderdale married the Countess of Dysart after Anne Home Maitland, Countess of Lauderdale's death in 1671.

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Anne, daughter of the 1st Earl of Home, had been systematically ill-treated by John Maitland, 2nd Earl of Lauderdale ever since her marriage with him in 1632. He certainly appears to have been a most disagreeable husband.

At one time he was making love to the pious Lady Margaret Kennedy,1 a daughter of Lord Cassillis; at another the Countess of Dysart claimed his undivided attention.

1 Lady Kennedy was a keen Presbyterian, "whose religion exceeded as far her wit, as her parts exceeded others of her sex."—Sir George Mackenzie's Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, p. 165.

Anne Home Maitland, Lady Lauderdale's position was a difficult one, but for many years she filled it with dignity and self-restraint. Sometimes she lived with her husband at their town residence on the east side of Highgate Hill, where we find them entertaining Mr. Pepys and his friends to supper; at other times she was separated from Lord Lauderdale, and writing to complain bitterly of the dilapidations of her house and of her husband's neglect.8

8 Pepys Diary, July 28, 1666.

FROM: A Group of Scottish Women
By Harry Graham
Methuen & Company, 1908 - Scotland – page 65…

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