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Christian Urquhart was the daughter of Sir Alexander Urquhart of Cromarty and Jean Elphinstone.

Christian Urquhart married, firstly, Thomas, 2nd Lord Rutherfurd circa 24 February 1663.

Christian Urquhart Rutherford married by contract, secondly, James Crichton, 2nd Viscount Frendraught, son of James Crichton, 1st Viscount Frendraught and Marion Irvine, on 14 November 1669.

James Crichton, 2nd Viscount Frendraught died about 1676, and was succeeded by their son, William.

Christian Urquhart Rutherford Crichton, Viscountess Frendraught married, thirdly, George Morison, 2nd of Bogie, son of Alexander Morison, 1st of Bognie, in 1680.

Christian Urquhart Rutherford Crichton Morison, the Viscountess Frendraught sounds like a nice Scottish lady, passed around in the on-going pursuit of money, titles, power and children.
"The household of Bognie, besides the Laird and Viscountess, consisted of their son and two daughters - Barbara Morison, a sister of the laird's; Elizabeth Blair, his niece; and Christian Ramsay, a niece of the lady's. There was also a chaplain, a steward, the laird's page, a man cook, a footman, and a groom; likewise, a farm grieve, five male, and three female servants - in all twenty-three persons, which bespeaks the importance and affluence of the family at the close of the 17th century."


San Diego Sarah  •  Link

If you're wondering why Christian hung onto being the Viscountess Frendraught after marrying Morison, that's because women only go up the nobility ladder and never down. If she had married an Earl she would have become Countess XYZ. In this case she married down the nobility ladder, so she remained the Viscountess. But he was rich, so she didn't care.

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