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Lyonel Fanshawe, secretary to Sir Richard in both Portugal and Spain, was the son of an older Lyonel, who was in the Commission of Peace for Derbyshire in 1642, and was returned as a Deputy-Lieutenant of the county with Sir John Curzon and Sir Thomas Burdett, and great-grandson of Robert Fanshawe of Fanshawe Gate (see p. 272). He was born in 1627, and was therefore two years younger than Lady Fanshawe. He married, after the death of Sir Richard, Frances, the daughter of Anthony Senior of Cowley Hall, near Darley, Derbyshire, and called his eldest children, born in 1673 and 1675, Richard and Ann after his patron and patroness.

Pepys records a drinking bout with him on 26 August, 1661, before Sir Richard went to Lisbon the first time: "In my coming home I called in at the Three Crane Tavern at the Stocks by appointment, and there met and took leave of Mr. Fanshaw, who goes to-morrow and Captain Isham toward their voyage to Portugal. Here we drank a great deal of wine, I too much, and Mr. Fanshaw till he could hardly go. So we took leave one of another."

There follows an account of his career as a diplomat until 1666 and an image:

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