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The play was banned before performance and not printed at the time. L&M note Coventry was represented as the solemn andd conceited Sir Cautious Trouble-all, who is duped into marrying a barber's daughter.

"One of the more mysterious events of the Restoration theater was an erasure, something that did not occur. Sir Robert Howard's play, The Country Gentleman, prepared for production in the spring of 1669, was suppressed before its premiere and was never seen on the stage. Long thought to have been completely lost, a text of the play was nevertheless discovered in manuscript at the Folger Library in 1973 by Arthur Scouten and Robert Hume." -- "The Country Gentleman: Howard, Marvell, and Dryden in the Theater of Politics" ANNABEL PATTERSON SEL 25 (1985)

Publication followed: *The Country Gentleman*. By SIR ROBERT HOWARD and GEORGE VILLIERS, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAME. Edited by ARTHUR H. SCOUTENa nd ROBERT D. HUME. London: Dent. I976.

Also *The country gentleman: a "lost" play and its background* Sir Robert Howard, George Villiers Buckingham (Duke of) University of Pennsylvania Press, 1976 http://books.google.com/books/abo…

And the text in 2007 via Google eBook: http://books.google.com/books?id=…

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