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Paul Brewster  •  Link

L&M: "? John Snow of Blackwall ... related to Pepys through a marriage connection with the Glascocks."

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Pauline McG Currien  •  Link

See page 10 of Pepysiana with respect to Charles and John Glascock probably the sons of Francis Glascock who married the sister of Judith Cutte who was the first wife of Lord Chief Justice Pepys. Probably George Pepys (son of Richard Pepys) Lord Chief Justice of Ireland who died at Surat, India . His will proved in 1650. I am working to gather information about John Snow of Blackwall, I believe he went out to Fort Anjengo, near Trivandrum and Cochin Southern India.

Pauline McG Currien  •  Link

See page 27 in the original Pepysiana and page 51 in my PDF version. This member of the Snow family is said to have been related to Pepys through marriage (not blood) to the Glascocks family. There was also a John Raymond Snow (of Blackwall) born 1785-1826 who was married to Adria Snow who I am tracing in my family tree. Seems to have been an Easy India company Captain.

Pauline McG Currien  •  Link

John Raymond Snow Senior was born St Stephen (Coleman Street) 1748 and probably lived later at St Helen’s Bishopsgate and Spanish Place, Manchester Sq and who married Adria Hutchinson in 1777 was keen to get his sons in the HEIC service and sent his son of the same name to the Anjengo factory, India. It was a small world despite the distances. John Raymond jnr also spent time in Portugal but managed to get back to London on furlough where he set up home with his wife Sophia Louisa nee Tonkin at The Green, Richmond. I think I have muddled the 2 John Raymond Snow Senior and Junior up in my previous Annotations. Can I amend them ? Sorry. I am hoping to show that these John R. Snows knew Pepys at some point.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Pauline McG: "I am hoping to show that these John R. Snows knew Pepys at some point."

I'm confused.
Pepys lived 100 years earlier than the folks you are posting about ... take a deep breath and please post what you want us to know re: 17th century Snows, and forget the 18th century ones. Sam died in 1703.

At the bottom of the page is Phil Gyford's email link -- if you ask really nicely, and give him the links you want to go away, he can usually help you.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

L&M: John Snow - Pepys' relative. Of Blackwall; in 1666 occupying a house taxed on 6 hearths.
The connection has not been established with certainty, but may be through the Glascocks. (A John Snow married Sarah Glascock at Romford, Essex in 1628, and a Joseph Snow married a Susan Glascock at Chigwell, Essex in 1631.)
A John Snow was one of the under-officers at the House of Lords in 1665.
A Ralph Snow received a ring as a friend at Pepys' funeral in 1703.

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