By Abraham Wright (1611-1690), published 1656.

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Five sermons, in five several styles; or Waies of preaching.: The [brace] first in Bp Andrews his way; before the late King upon the first day of Lent. Second in Bp Hall's way; before the clergie at the author's own ordination in Christ-Church, Oxford. Third in Dr Maine's and Mr Cartwright's way; before the Universitie at St Maries, Oxford. Fourth in the Presbyterian way; before the citie at Saint Paul's London. Fifth in the Independent way; never preached. With an epistle rendring an account of the author's designe in printing these his sermons, as also of the sermons themselves. / By Ab. Wright, sometimes Fellow of St John Baptist Coll. in Oxford.
Wright, Abraham, 1611-1690.
[London]: Printed for Edward Archer, at the Adam and Eve in Little Britain, 1656.…

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