d.1621. Rector of Bath.

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John Pelling B.D.1613-1621.
Coll. 6 May 1613 (D/D/Vc Box 9/6).
Instal. 3 July (Cal. Wells 11 366).
D. by 19 Feb. 1621 (burial, Bath abbey) (Reg. Bath Abbey 11 348;
D/D/B Reg. 31 f. 34v).…

Rev. John Pelling must have been someone, because not everyone is commemorated with a memorial. Or maybe he came from a wealthy family? This is all Mr. Google appears to know about him.
Other members of the Pelling family preached before the House of Commons and William III and Mary II.

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.