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Edward Waterhouse (1619-71), FRS.
An author and clergyman. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society 29/07/1663. The seventh of the books he published was *Gentleman'a Monitor, Or, a Sober Inspection Into the Vertues, Vices, and Ordinary Means of the Rises and Decay of Men and Families* (1665). http://www.jstor.org/pss/650462 He took orders in 1668 and became a preacher in London. Pepys confused him with his kinsman of the same name who was made M.D. at Oxford in 1651 by mandate from Cromwell in recognition of work as an army physician in Ireland. (L&M Companion and Wikipedia)

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Edward Waterhouse has a listing in the 1909 edition of the "Dictionary of National Biography". In it he is described as "a cock-brained man", and as "a fantastical preacher". Both of these statements are quotes from Anthony Wood, and they are repeated in the "Jstor" citation given by Terry.
The DNB article can be found at > >


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Edward Waterhouse was, according to Mr. Wood and Mr. Nicolson , author of the following books: "A Discourse and Defence of Arms and Armory," 1660; 8vo. "The Sphere of Gentry, deduced from the Principles of Nature; an historical and genealogical Work of Arms and Blazon, in four "books," 1661; fol. "Fortescutus illustratus, or a Commentary on Fortescue de Laudibus Legum Angliae," 1663; fol. The book to which his head is prefixed is entitled, "The Gentleman's Monitor, or a sober Inspection into the Virtues, Vices, and ordinary Means of the Rise and Decay of Families," 1665; 8vo. This is not mentioned by either of the above cited authors. The latter informs us, that he published an "Historical Narrative of the Fire of London," in 1666. Mr. Wood, who speaks with great contempt of his "Sphere of Gentry," tells us, "that he was a cock-brained man; that he took holy orders upon him, and became a fantastical preacher." Lloyd styles him "the learned, industrious, and ingenious Edward Waterhouse, Esq. of Sion College;" and acknowledges himself beholden to him for the account of Sir Edward Waterhouse, printed in his "State Worthies." Ob. 1670.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1775.

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